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Red wings for the win!

They arrive every year like clock work. February 22nd in my yard a small flock of ten arrived to pay me a visit as if to say, "We win again!"

Red Wing Blackbirds tend to be less subtle about their presence. That is fine with me, because once they arrive I know robins, bluebirds, warblers and the rest of the birds will be coming soon.

From now through April it will be lots of migrating birds arriving to stake out territories and prepare for nesting. As a result, that causes me to travel on as many outings as I can to capture as much of it as I can. The outings this year will take me through Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho and Oregon.

This is also the time the blog will become at least once a week...possibly more due to the activity. Follow along and I promise I will bring you the best I can find!

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