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Happy New Year!!

Well we made it to 2022!

Really I do not think there was much doubt was there?

What have I been up to other than hanging out with an old crow and getting a little grayer?

2021 was my first full year since the passing of my partner, bride, best friend and the person who kept me in check and balanced. 2021 had a most difficult start to it for obvious reasons but my bride Linda made me promise to keep being creative. You know how the Irish women are about making you promise, well I did and I kept that promise.

Once I got through February the darkness faded and a beautiful light came to be so I walked toward it and just kept going.

In March I was in the North Platte Nebraska area where I spent two weeks seeking out migrating Sandhill Cranes and Greater Prairie Chickens on leks. I was successful in both cases. By May on was on the Oregon coast searching for Puffins at Cannon Beach. I was not as successful there due to weather mainly. Rain limited the visibility for sure as well as the movement of the birds.

In May put my custom designed furniture into production and did my first gallery exhibit at the Phillips Studio and Gallery in Kalispell, Montana. It was a great showing and had a wonderful time exhibiting ideas of what I can make and create.

Most of the summer was spent hiking in Glacier Park (30 miles from my house) and surrounding areas where through the encouragement of a friend I met at a local gym, I became obsessed with hiking. Wildflowers lacked this year but wildlife was good. I spotted grizzlies, moose, black bear, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer, elk and a wide variety of birds.

By September, I was in the Tetons and Jackson area for almost three weeks. I hiked 138 miles in 13 days not to mention another 75 or so walking the river bottoms for moose. God made nature first because he knew we needed it to heal. It clearly helped.

December was a wind down month. Finished most of my wood projects and found moments to relax and prepare for 2022. So here we are on January 1. I do not make resolutions but I do make promises and I keep my promises.

Together you as the followers and I as the photographer /furniture maker, we will travel through this year the best we can. I will bring you the best I can do as I channel my love for my bride into my work.

I look forward to 2022. I think it will be a great year for all of us in special ways so thanks for coming along. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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