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A New Year.....

This is primarily a test to check out the blogging capabilities of for my website.

I look forward to 2021 full of inspiration and creativity.

It will be much different this year as my bride of 20 years passed away in September. She was always my spotter on my wildlife photography trips and in my wood shop, she was my right arm. I could not have been more blessed to have been married to her.

As the snow sits on the mountains at Lake McDonald, I pen out my planned excursions for this spring. Oregon for Tuft Puffins, Idaho for White Face Ibis, Utah for migrations of shorebirds and of course my native Montana.

I promise to continue to bring you the best photos from the best places in the western United States and of course, it will be heavy on Montana. Keep checking back, and I will keep writing! Thanks again for your following and supporting me the past years.

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