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Hi there!

Glad you decided to take a moment to learn a little more about me.  My name is Doug Hammerberg and I own Whispering Peaks Photography based in Kalispell Montana.


I am a self taught photographer specializing in nature based abstracts, wildlife and landscape photography.

I have spent many years in the back country of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Washington state but only in the past few years have I carried a camera with to capture my journeys.

Often the beauty of nature is overlooked in the search for that ultimate shot! In my nature based abstracts show cased on this website, I attempt to share with you those subtle views of nature in its natural state and in ways only special settings can capture. Colors are all natural and as captured in camera in the field.


I feel photography is a journey without end. It's about always learning, always finding unique ways to share my work and creating fresh ideas to share and to provide to my clients.

Follow along with my work in Forest Illusions and Nature Based Abstracts in the links below.

Forest Illusions are all captured natural and in camera. No color enhancement. I use a combination of shutter speed, planned camera movement, natural lighting and the use of the scene before me to create each unique capture.

Nature Based Abstracts can be captured naturally by finding a simple flow of water, a branch, a forest scene or they can be a combination of many scenes I have seen and then with just a tinge of special affects, turn them into a wave or a whirlpool.


Two places in my life have always brought me peace....the mountains and the ocean. Water and terra firma have a heavy influence in my work as a result of that peaceful feeling that captivates me when in nature. Opposite yet complementary elements.

Nature Based Abstracts combine the two places by creating a special wave illusion with the landscape works. I hope you enjoy!

I am also a certified Made in Montana business.

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You can see my work in the following places:

Bookworks, Whitefish Montana

Tendoy Fine Art Gallery- Dillon, Montana

Walking Man Frame Shop- Whitefish Montana

Kootenai Country Montana Gallery- Libby MT

Montana Art Mobile- Whitefish Montana

You can always reach me at whisperingpeaks@gmail.com.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn a little about me and my work!   To the day!


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